Weigh-in days and retrospection

Today and tomorrow is weigh-in day at Dietbet. I woke up this morning with the normal jitters from the pressure of wondering if I had made my monthly 3% weight loss goal or not. I got on the scale with trepidation and found that I was actually 0.1 lbs. over my goal. 0.1 lbs. OVER? WTF! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! After freaking out for a minute, I looked at my options: 1. I could be really good today, food and exercise-wise, and weigh-in tomorrow… thus extending my misery; or 2. I could wait for a while and hope that some walking around the house or a bathroom visit (sorry, TMI, I know) would get me to my goal. I opted for the second option. I delayed breakfast, walked around the house, peed (sorry), and tried again… whew! A few hours later I was actually 0.3 lbs. under my goal for the month. I took the pictures (for proof) and sent them right away and then delayed breakfast a few minutes more while Dietbet verified my win. Once verified, I did my celebratory dance, made a turkey ham and cheese quesadilla, had a cup of tea and milk and started thinking about next month’s goal.

I took a look at my journal and surveyed the events of the passing weeks and was happy to note that even though I couldn’t exercise at all this month because of the calf, I still managed to lose almost 6 lbs. Awesome!

Now, 8-months-ago me would have said: “six pounds?” (with a frown). “I still got XX more to go. This is going to take forever.” And so another attempt would have pass me by. I am happy to realize that that is not me anymore.

I have also realized that six pounds is actually quite a bit even when you have a lot still to lose. Check out my Dietbet progress picture series that I have now titled Smoothing Out Toni.


Tip of the week: Take monthly pictures with the same outfit. You’ll love them side by side.



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