Shopping in my old closet – dropping sizes on the cheap

One of the best parts of losing weight is dropping sizes. However, when you are losing a lot of weight changing wardrobes can be expensive. When I started this process back in August I was wearing bottoms size 18 (tight) and tops XL or XXL. I have lost pretty much all of my clothes. A few even had tags on them.  I am now thankful that as my weight increased and I bought new clothes for the bigger me I would sometimes not let go of the clothes that I really liked. And sometimes, I would even buy something a size smaller with the intention of using it as motivation to lose weight. Well… all those decisions are finally paying off.

PostSecret1Today I had an event to attend and no idea what I was going to wear. I opened one of my old suitcases and found a nice pair of trousers size 14 that I had worn once five years ago and that had ripped along the inside right thigh upon sitting down in a restaurant. That’s a fun memory. I saw them today and thought… maybe? I tried them on and they are actually a little big on me. BIG! That means that I am smaller today than I was five years ago. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried a little. I fixed the rip and wore them today. I looked great. I felt better.

In the last seven months on this journey, twice, I have gotten new clothes from my old closet and/or bought a smaller sized piece of clothing from thrift shops or consignments stores. If you are “in the process” there is no point in buying anything new. I feel that buying new will give me a sense of this is it. And although this feels great, this is most certainly NOT it. I still have road to cover.

What to do with your old clothes? As soon as they don’t fit try your best to get rid of them. Donate the ones that you believe you can’t resell or take them to a consignment store. There are some cool apps that let you sell your gently used stuff online and with your new riches you can head to the store for some new sized items. I use Poshmark, but here is a list of apps for you to try. Enjoy!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day on Dietbet… I had an apple and some almonds for dinner and a cup of hot tea. I am 0.3 lbs. away from winning again this month. Wish me luck!



  1. I’ve totally done that! Every time I have been able to fit in to clothes I got too large for I did a happy dance and had a lil sappy moment lol. I found that some of the clothes didn’t fit nicely anymore though as my body has apparently decided to change shape…nobody warned me about that! 😛 lol
    Good luck on winning your Dietbet! 🙂

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