My taste buds are changing… or am I going crazy?

Today I went shopping for my first foodie penpal experience. I decided to keep it a local and chose some local staples. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I won’t talk about what I sent until I can talk about what I got (haven’t received mine yet and the rules ask that we blog at end of the month). Anyhow, I had to go to some local stores and was surprised for the lack of craving and how easy it was for me not to pick anything for myself. As I was patting myself on the back for being so good I realized that lately I have had no problem making good choices at restaurants (I eat whatever when out but I do weigh the options) and skipping high-calorie foods at the store. I have craved fresh fruits and vegetables at mealtimes and not really missed any of my trigger foods (burgers, wings, etc.) WTF! Who am I? Do taste buds change?

change quotes

So it turns out that changing your eating habits will change your taste buds. WHAT!

I guess it makes sense. I wasn’t a burger and wings eater 10 years ago and yet my diet was pretty dominated by fast food and high-calories meals for quite a while. I guess my taste buds had changed before, I just really didn’t see it or something.

Anyway, I did some digging on the matter. According to wonderopolis, scientists have found that taste buds do wear out over time and this may result in duller taste sensations. Taste buds can also be affected by other factors like smoke, hot drinks, and the number of taste buds we have to begin with. We can also learn to like new foods over time and if our best friend likes a particular food, we may be more inclined to like it too (we are such copycats).

I also found other bloggers’ post on the matter. Here’s one, and another, and another. The bottom line is that I am not going crazy (what a relief). My taste buds have adapted as my brain has. As I have increased the number of fresh fruits and vegetables and stuck to a somewhat consistent eating schedule (I sound like a pet) I have gotten used to certain tastes at certain times.


In the morning I want coffee or tea, I have it with non-fat milk and no sugar and it’s what I want when I get up. At lunch I crave raw vegetables, lettuce, tomato, red onions (that’s new), pickles, banana peppers (also new), cilantro, black olives, even broccoli (I don’t even know what to say about that one). Around dinner, I want fruit, I eat berries, grapes, pineapple, apples, etc. I usually pair fruit with cheese and/or nuts. When I eat these things I am so satisfied. It’s like my brain says “yes! thank you.”

If you are just starting a new eating habit you may very well be hating it a lot. Even if it was your idea. The good news: you’ll get used to it. There are still some veggies that just don’t agree with me. I don’t like cauliflower, brussels, zucchini, squash, kale (I do the chips though) and some other super green leaves. I juice them sometimes to get it over with quickly. But I have a feeling that maybe one day these will also be welcome. We’ll see.




  1. It is really amazing how adaptable and versatile our bodies are and how they make specific accomodations for the changes in our lives.

    You also noted how it “sounds like a pet” to note a eating schedule, but the reality is that many take better care of their pets than themselves. We see the sense of a schedule of good food, what comes natural in their diets, and a regular interval, but not our own.

    One tip on the “non-fat” milk. Switch to almond milk here is a clip on why.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

    1. I know I know! I have cut out a lot of milk but I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet. I will be making my own almond milk next weekend (I’ll post about it). Thank you for the docs. The beautiful truth was intense.

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