My first TWOSDAY


Happy Things, In Twos:

First dining-out meal of the week: panera bread‘s 1/2 creamy tomato soup and 1/2 turkey bacon bravo. An 800-calorie dinner… way over normal.

I’ve added new exercises this week. Since I am looking at at least four dining out events this week, and you just saw the kind of damage we’re talking about, I must workout every day to offset the calorie increase. I plan (plan being the operative word here) to do my routine 30-minute interval swim and 10-minute steam room session every other day, AND…

  1. Prevention’s 28-Day Challenge: 10-Minute Toners. I started with the modified since I can’t do high-impact yet. So far, so good. And only 10 minutes!
  2. Yoga. I haven’t done yoga in over a year. I started doing Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Strength DVD which is only 30 minutes long and so far haven’t been able to finish it all but I know I can do it. Baby steps.

As I always say, Knowledge is Power and there happen to be two awesome events in town this week that I hope will be packed with lots of awesome information.

  1. On Thursday, I am attending a Fit Fair that promises to provide information on health, fitness, and nutrition including healthy bites and exercise sampling.
  2. On Friday, I am attending a Nutrition Symposium to discuss how we can use technology to improve nutrition and physical activity and what we can do to fight childhood obesity. I can’t wait!

My Entertainment This Week:

  1. Reading Divergent, the book, by Friday. So far, I am really loving the story. It’s an easy read and pretty original premise.
  2. Watching Divergent, the movie, on the weekend. I am 99% sure that the book will be better but it is always fun to watch adaptations.

And finally, I discovered two amazingly hilarious apparel stores from where I will be getting my gym tanks.

  1. Human offers tops, prints, tote bags, pillows, blankets, ipad and iphone cases with prints that embody the “crazy moments that leave you feeling forever young, wild, and free.” I am bias towards the racerbacks and can’t wait to get me some to completely geek-out at the gym. 
  2. Skreened also sells some crazy tees but will also allow you to design your own. They offer only apparel (including baby onesies) and bags/totes. Some may be a little over the top depending on your own sensitivity level. I wish I were a millionaire and get them all. I’ll get started with the “channing tatum” one. 😉

Here are the ones I will be ordering first (left Human, right Skreened)



Where did Twosdays come from?

I discovered Twosdays via twitter and thought I would give it a shot. Heather, the mind behind  Then Heather Said also hosts a Twosdays link-up to share other Twosdays posts. Check it out.




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