STUFF HAPPENS… a random collection of events

stuffhappensWHAT! No post on Wednesday? I know… I am surprised too but I had an excellent reason not to post anything: I was having too much fun catching up with people I hadn’t seen in years.

After months of trying to plan an outing to my old school and job I finally made it there yesterday and boy was I rewarded. I talked so much, and laughed so much, that I woke up almost voiceless this morning. True story.

My former bosses are doing great and it felt so awesome to walk through the halls and visit my old office. It’s been years… it was a little surreal.

We had lunch at TakoSushi, one of my favorite fusion-style restaurants. We had tempura asparagus as a starter and I ordered the firecracker tilapia which is tempura-fried tilapia sticks tossed with a mix of  their original sauce, teriyaki, sweet chili & sriracha and served with asian salad and rice. I wish I had pictures but I devoured the whole thing before thinking about the blog. It was delicious and I don’t even care how many calories that was. I consumed them with absolutely no guilt.

Later, I visited my old school and was surprised to find it so changed and yet so the same. Most of my teachers have left but a few remain and remembered me fondly which was so very sweet. I was surprised to find a Starbucks on campus and decided to snack with an iced tall skinny latte (only 60 calories). Perfection. The day was beautiful.

I went into one of my old classrooms and spoke to the students about internship opportunities and what I have been doing with my degree. They all look so young which makes me think: yikes! am I this old? OMG! OK… better not think about that. They were respectful and curious and asked a lot of questions. I loved it.

Surprise Surprise! After my visit with the kids (yep, it’s official, I’m old) one of my favorite teachers and the real reason I was visiting the school mentioned that she had two complimentary tickets for Shen Yun 2014 and asked if I’d go with her.  I had no idea what she was talking about but it sounded interesting so I decided to stay. We stopped for a quick bite at one of my favorite mexican restaurants in town where I had a health-ish chicken burrito with salad and guacamole and then to the show.

Shen Yun is a performing-arts and entertainment company based in New York. Their show takes you on a journey through 5000 years of Chinese culture showcasing ethnic, folk, and classical Chinese dance, with orchestral accompaniment and solo performers. It was an absolutely amazing treat and I invite you to attend if you have a chance.

I finally made it home around 11:30 pm and at my doorstep my foodie pen pal‘s package was waiting for me. The best ending to a perfect day. Here’s what came in the box:

  • foodiePack1Next Organics Dark Chocolate Bananas
  • Moser Roth Premium 70% Dark Chocolate
  • Gourmet Snacks Regal Raw Pumpkin Kernels
  • Simply Sprouted Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
  • Brewhaha Happiness Super Tea (just in time for International Happiness Day)
  • McCormick Garlic, Herb, & Wine Marinade
  • Old Bay Tuna Classic Cake Mix
  • Old Bay Seasoning for Seafood

The last two were especially sent to me to do some food tourism and get a taste of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay cuisine. I can’t wait to try all my yummy goodies and post all about it. I promise not to forget to take pictures 🙂


Sometimes, I just go with the flow… and it’s awesome!


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