Flashback Friday: Looking back to see how far I’ve come

This is a collection of pictures of me between 2011-2013


During that time, I hovered around 215-225 lbs. I would only take pictures of my face and/or would not share or post any full-body pictures. Cropping became my thing. How foolish was I to think that by cropping my body out of pictures I was dealing with the problem. Foolish indeed. I look at these pictures and I feel for her. I feel for that girl that is pretending not to suffer; pretending not to care. That girl may have looked happy. She wasn’t. I wasn’t.

This girl is happy

photo1 (9)

This girl took control of her life. This girl got help. This girl asked for help. This girl is realistic about her goals. This girl is figuring it all out. (this girl is now going to stop talking about herself in the third person). 🙂

At this point I find myself about halfway through my weight loss journey. I have lost 54 lbs to date. At 171.4 lbs, I am 13.4 lbs away from overweight status and having a BMI under 30, getting closer and closer to an optimal weight and getting healthier with every pound I take off that was making my body slow, sluggish, and sick. At this moment, I am about 40 lbs away of normal weight range. A few months back I would be so scared of having to lose 40 pounds but now it seems so doable. Now, I can see it.

Here’s a collection of pictures from the last few months


It’s like my face is a balloon that’s losing air. Bad metaphor maybe but it’s true. I feel like I am coming alive again. I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was almost eight months ago. I am very excited to see what the next eight months will bring.

small daily improvements




Have a good weekend! 🙂



    1. Thanks for the props!
      I don’t consume much probiotics. I eat Greek yogurt from time to time and miso soup but that’s about it. Not completely sold on whether I need them or not.

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