Sunday Summary

Gained some weight this week :(  I might as well get the worse out of the way. 2 lbs. up since last week. Not surprised. I exercised at home only a couple of times and ate A LOT this week. Yoga was super hard on me. I was only able to do a couple of days and only 15 minutes at a time. Not good. But I’m an optimist and overall it was a good week. 


My visit to my old school and job was so energizing. I had an amazing time and can’t wait to repeat it soon. It was long overdue. I wish I could see myself the way they see me. They have known me for almost a decade and knew a me whom I’ve been struggling to find again. It was good to be reminded of what I am capable of. I am so lucky to have worthy people in my life.


Yesterday I woke up full of energy and although I had planned to wait another couple of weeks before getting back to Zumba, I couldn’t really wait anymore. I decided to go to the gym for a weight class (the same class where I got injured) and figured that if I could get through the calf exercises I’d be OK. And I did! I did 55 minutes of weights and then 55 minutes of Zumba. Granted, I didn’t give 100% like I’m used to and avoided high-impact movements but I got through it. I am so happy… I am also incredibly sore… but happily sore.


I finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. I’m waiting on a friend to watch the movie though. The book is a decent young-adult novel about a dystopian future. It is no Hunger Games or Harry Potter. I like to think that it stands well on its own; part psychological thriller, part action-packed, part romance. The story is about a society where people are divided by factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue: abnegation, intelligence, braveness, peacefulness, and honesty. Although the premise is pretty far-fetched, in my opinion, it did make me think about how different people see the world differently and that those differences easily hinder our ability to communicate and collaborate with one another. I need to remember that more often. Not everybody sees the world the way I do and that’s OK.


Next on the reading list is The Returned by Jason Mott. I am not ready to move on to Veronica Roth’s second book quite yet. The Returned is behind ABC’s Resurrection which just premiered and I want to read the book before I start the TV show. I am a little worried though because it has a 3.5/5 rating but I’m going to give it a chance anyway.Look out for Friday’s post on my first Foodie PenPal experience and at some point this week I’ll be writing about what I learned at the nutrition and fitness events I attended. Exercise-wise, I failed miserably on Prevention’s 28 Days Challenge: 10 Minute Toners. May try again soon. This week I have scheduled two hours of exercise every day that includes swimming, zumba, weights, and yoga. Want to know if I stick to it? Follow my moves on twitter.

Wishing you a great week – Weekly Words of Wisdom



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