Back in the gym but overeating: I’m blaming the pool

I AM SO HUNGRY! - I have more food in my body than in my fridge.

This week I have been really hungry! Like really really really hungry. Three weeks ago I finally returned to the gym after my calf injury but only went 3 times for a 30-min swim session followed by 10 minutes in the steam room. I did really well that week, lost almost 3 lbs. and ate super healthy. Two weeks ago I only swam 2 days and started to get weird hunger attacks mostly early-afternoon. Then last week I ate out a lot and only went to the gym once resulting in a 2-lbs gain. See the pattern, right? This week I was determined to get back on track with full force by going to the gym twice a day and combining different exercises: swimming, yoga, weights, and zumba. I was also supposed to eat well. I’m on day 4 and I have stuck to the schedule. I feel great exercise-wise but around 1-3 pm every day this week I feel I have been over-snacking a bit much and I am starting to get worried.

The only good news is that I don’t keep bad food around me so when I say I over snack it means that I had a handful of nuts, then a piece of dark chocolate, a thin slice of sweet potato bread, a handful of veggie chips, and a cup of green tea (that was today). OK, the tea is fine but you get the picture of me going back for more things. What is going on?

I went online to see if I could figure this out and I am not sure I am convinced but I’m blaming the pool. It turns out that our bodies burn a lot of energy not just moving in the pool but warming up our bodies afterwards and it’s the warming up that makes us overly hungry. So I read an article that recommends warming up after the pool. And now that I think about it and I look at my journal I notice that on the days I get in the steam room after swimming I have not gotten super hungry; still hungry but manageable. AHHHHHHHH! I could kick myself. Also I looked up how to deal with dinner when I graze all afternoon and was recommended to go with low-carb, high-protein (article here) which I sort of do with my regular dinner of fruits, nuts, and cheese, but not quite. Tonight I made these amazing hawaiian lettuce wraps from Little B Cooks. I’m hoping it offsets today’s damage and that I do better tomorrow with what I have learned.


Anyone has dealt with a similar problem? Would love to hear your stories.


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