Works for me: Home remedies for weight loss


If you know what this means you probably come from a family who still swears by their quirky home remedies. If you don’t know what it is google “rub egg home remedy” and have a laugh. Different cultures around the world have rubbed eggs agains babies’ bodies, on a child stomach or over your head to deal with all kinds of illnesses from fevers and headaches, to curses and other supernatural ailments.

I come from such a family. In Venezuela, where I am from, superstitions abound and home remedies follow. I don’t really fall for the superstitions. Never have really. I’m a good skeptic. However, I have always believed in the power of herbs and natural medicine as a perfectly reasonable alternative to modern pharmaceuticals. In that realm I am known to take a shot of rum with lemon and honey to halt a cold, rub garlic on a mouth sore, and do rosemary infusion to clear throat infections. They have all worked.

It was no surprise then to get all kinds of recommendations to aid my weight loss journey by grandma and aunts alike. Here are four home remedies that I swear can help you with your weight loss journey:

  1. watersOatmeal Water: Oatmeal has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Soak one cup of oats in four cups of water. Let it sit. The water will turn a little white-ish. Add lemon peel for a fresh flavor. Drink up! I add more water to the oats (discard after three days) or use fresh oats daily. It’s up to you.
  2. Pineapple Skin Water: Pineapples have great anti-inflammatory and pain-reduction benefits. Pineapple skin is a natural diuretic and its water will also work as a cleanser. Wash the pineapple very well. Boil the skin of one pineapple in 12 cups of water for 20 minutes. Let cool and drink up.
  3. Eggplant Water: Yep, you read that right. Vegetables in general are known as  nature’s “diuretics.” Eggplants are great at removing retained fluid and it is super low-cal and very nutritious. To make eggplant water just wash one eggplant, cut it into slices or small pieces, and boil for about five minutes. Then let it all cool off, strain the eggplant,  and place the water in the fridge.
  4. Flaxseed Water: This is my least favorite, simply because the flaxseeds give the water a slimy consistency. Taste aside, flaxseeds are rich in omega-3s and vitamin B among other important vitamins and minerals. This is one superfood. To make the water, boil 4 cups of water. Once the water starts to boil, add one tablespoon of flaxseeds and let it boil for two minutes. You may boil it for longer but the more you boil it the more the flaxseeds oil will mix with the water making it slimier. Let it cool, strain and to the fridge.

Don’t feel bad if any of this made you feel icky. lol I don’t blame you one bit. But I totally swear by it. I am biased towards the oatmeal and pineapple skin water which I make every week and drink religiously. At the very least, do some research on the matter before saying no.

PS. I had previously said that I would be posting about my foodie penpal experience today. I was informed by the organizer that the reveal day is Monday. Please come back Monday to read about all the goodies I got.



  1. I just wiped my whole body down with eggs, will I now get bigger muscles?

    Many of these quirky type remedies are around because people used to actually have herbalists and apothecaries that found out this information. Now we are so disconnected to the natural that it has become superstition if its not in a pill form.

    Allbeit, once the active ingredient is determined a concentrate is made, but no single item does the work. Life works through interconnection. There is some trace mineral that you will get by by boiling the foods that is overlooked when they isolate something. Thank for the tips, I will recommend the old fashioned way you posted.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

    1. Yeah… it saddens me to realize how disconnected we’ve become from what we consume. Sorry to say that rubbing the eggs all over you will not give you bigger muscles. Life is so unfair. lol

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