Sunday Summary

Last week I had gained two pounds ūüė¶ This week I lost 0.6 lb. 0.6! I am starting to think that I may be in the midst of another plateau. The other possibility is that I have gained muscle. I also ate a lot this week. Yesterday I ate an entire can of Pringles… in one day… let’s not even talk about that.

Exercise-wise, I killed! I did 1-2 hours of exercise everyday. Here’s this week’s schedule:

  • MONDAY: (AM) 30-minute swim – (PM) 55-minute ZUMBA
  • TUESDAY: (AM) 55-minute ZUMBA¬†– (PM) 50-minute¬†YOGA
  • WEDNESDAY: (AM) 30-minute swim – (PM) 55-minute REP REEBOK (group weights class)
  • THURSDAY: (AM) 30-minute swim – (PM) 55-minute ZUMBA
  • FRIDAY: (AM) 30-minute swim & 55-minute ZUMBA
  • SATURDAY: (AM) 55-minute REP REEBOK & 55-minute ZUMBA
  • SUNDAY: (PM) 55-minute ZUMBA

This is what I have to say about my workout schedule this week:


Food-wise, I was hungry a lot this week. Way more than usual. I didn’t crave any of my really bad foods, that was good, but I snacked way too much. Still not sure what that is about. Maybe it’s the exercise. In any case, I will keep monitoring my appetite and perhaps will need to visit a nutritionist or psychologist if it continues.

I didn’t make much progress on my books this week. I am still on¬†The Returned¬†by Jason Mott and I have also picked up¬†The Better Angels of Our Nature¬†by Steven Pinker, a very fascinating read (both really).

I finally went to the movies on Friday and watched Divergent (while eating popcorn and peanut M&Ms). As expected, they made a lot of changes from the book; some trivial, some not so much; but overall the movie was entertaining and I enjoyed seeing the characters from the book come to life.

Tomorrow I finally get to write my first Foodie PenPal Reveal post. I am beyond excited. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you have already seen some of the food I made. Come back tomorrow for the whole story.

Have a great week!

Weekly Words of Wisdom


PS. I signed up for the 2014 Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge (this should be interesting)



  1. Remember it is not about the scale as much as the inches. Fat is less dense and takes up more space, so if the scale is not moving you are just on a pivot where the fat may be dropping and the nice muscles that makes the beautiful toned body increasing.

    The pringles thing was not good as well as the m&m’s, but just count it as a cheat and redouble your efforts.

    You are still ahead and we stumble just so we know we can get back up. You are a Champion in the making and can take it all in stride. Keep moving to the goal!

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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