“A” is for Appointments


And so begins my first A-to-Z Blogging Challenge.

Today is also Twosday (happy things, in twos), a theme I picked up from Then Heather Said so I’ll try to stay true to both.

Appointment defined,

  1. An act of appointing; assigning a job or position to someone.
  2. An arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place.

Appointments can be a drab but you can turn it into a fab by looking at hidden opportunities around what you’ve been tasked to do. So I had to go to Washington DC  today (well, I drove in yesterday) to drive and accompany my mother to the Venezuelan Embassy to get her new passport (a bit of a drab) but it so happened that the errand took only 25 minutes so I got to have an appointment with an amazing city. The day was beautiful and I was able to enjoy a fabulous time. See? It’s all about making life work for you.

Positive Realizations this week (that start with A)

  1. Acceptance: My life is currently on a bit of a hiatus. Everything seems on pause… well, that’s not true, I have been making great progress on my health but my professional, academic, and romantic life is pretty much at a stand still. I must accept responsibility for my life and know that it is I who will get me where I want to go, and no one else.
  2. Ageless: I was pleasantly surprised last week when I took a fitness test and the results made me one year younger. ONE YEAR YOUNGER!!! Yay me! Take the test here.

Tuesday TV Lineup (I got two appointments with the couch)

  1. MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD (don’t judge): This is one of my many guilty pleasures. #sorrynotsorry
  2. Person of Interest: I’m no hacker but I know that the hacking sequences here, as in any tv/movie, are really bad… I don’t care. I love this alternative super-hero show and I am not ashamed to admit it. 😀

Today is also April Fool’s Day, I hope you survived

someecards.com - April Fools Day is way too predictable. I pick my own random month and day and you'll never see that shit coming.



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