“B” is for Building a Body

That’s what I have been up to for the last eight months: building a body, my body. It has not been easy. It requires that I think before I engage; engage in eating, in moving, in conversation, reading, etc. Building a body should not be hard but when you have pretty much left it to fend for itself things can get pretty bad. In any case, it got pretty bad for me. My cholesterol shot through the roof, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic, I was depressed, I WAS A MESS!

Enter, EXERCISE. Exercise is awesome. It allows me to concentrate on moves, sequences, and repetitions and forget whatever worries I may have. It pumps me up. It increases my metabolism. It makes me happy!

Image(not that I have a husband to kill though; that’s an entirely different problem)

When I started to exercise ZUMBA was my gateway drug but then I learned that our bodies are nasty little buggers that will get used to the workout you put them through therefore burning less and less with every workout. So I had to mix it up. I started by adding Elliptical time to my routine, then swimming, then weights, and then yoga. I currently do at least 3/4 every week.

I confess that I was not too keen about weights at the beginning but I found a really great group class, Rep Reebok, that my local Y describes as,

“Hit all your major muscle groups in one hour with this module based workout- the workout changes monthly so you won’t plateau.”


That’s little old me at tonight’s rep reebok class. Like I said, I wasn’t too crazy when I started and I also got injured after my third class but I kept at it. I now do it twice a week and I really love it. If you want to know more about why you should add weights to your routine, check out Shape Magazine’s article 8 Reasons Why You Should Lift Heavier Weights. I really do recommend it and I promise that you will soon enjoy seeing your body shape up and feel great. It’s good to know that not all “extra pounds” are something to be avoided 😉



    1. I used to feel the same. I can only ask that you give them another try before swearing them off completely. I really like that it’s a group class rather than just me on my own.

  1. With out weights the body becomes like jelly with no toast. You need the weights to provide the support for the curves.

    Consider these two images…a distance runner and a sprinter. (On average) Distance runners do not use many weights, where as a sprinter does. Don’t hate on my view, but look at the comparison. Just saying.

    Great post! You are doing awesome!

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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