Sunday Summary

Well folks… things aren’t looking good weight-loss-wise 😦 The last four weeks I have gone up and down and up pretty much leaving me exactly where I was one month ago. So, this week I reached my 8th month mark and my weight loss is at nearly 52 lb. (~2 lb. less than last month). This makes this month, officially my worst; it also means that there is a slim-to-none chance of winning my monthly bet on dietbet. Weigh-in is tomorrow and tuesday (you get 48 hours to submit your weight). I very much doubt I will make it.

I must remember this…


On a more positive note, I went to Washington DC this week and had a great time walking through the city. I went to the Holocaust Museum and Lincoln Memorial. Instead of taking the bus or driving around, my mother and I decided to walk. It was quite the workout. We walked about 10 miles in about 5 hours just touring. It was a good day. Along the way we saw many statues and plazas of Latin-American historical figures including Venezuela’s liberator Simon Bolivar, and novelists Romulo Gallegos and Teresa De La Parra. I admit I felt a little proud to see them recognized. In the middle of everything happening in Venezuela right now, it is good to be reminded that we can’t lose hope.

Quotes I Picked Up This Week




Yesterday and today I didn’t go to the gym. Yesterday, I went to my local consignment store to participate in a charity where I spent $10 and got a big bag of clothes. Most of the clothes are too small but I got two skirts for the spring/summer and simply had a fabulous time. Then today, I did some local tourism and took a stroll through the Robert Mills House (the house that never became a home). I was planning to go to the gym afterwards but allergies attacked and instead had to go home. I stopped at some local stores to pick up some goodies for my foodie penpal and I’m happy to say that the package is almost ready.

I have made absolutely no progress on my books and must put them all down and pick up Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt for my upcoming book club meeting. This I must read. I got a pretty good exercise schedule for next week and must be careful with what I eat if I want to get out of this plateau or whatever it is. I’m also working on my A to Z Blog Challenge and will be blogging letters F-K (this should be fun).

Weekly Words of Wisdom




  1. A-Z, ehhh? Hey Toni. 1. Angela’s Ashes is DaBomb. I am Irish. Like, totally Irish? 🙂 Not this made up half-Irish stuff! I’m in Dublin. You’ll LOVE McCourt if you have the chance to read it. I first read it my Final Year of college (bad decision, as it was NOT a prescribed text) and I couldn’t put it down. But it stood to me. 2. What you’re doing on the A-Z is fantastic. I say this as a person who is developing a beer belly once again (although I do NOT drink that often, as I drive everywhere), someone who needs to quit smoking, and stop the chocolate meals, who lives in a manner – in perfect sobriety – that would still result in an intervention were I living in Hollywood! I need to exercise every day, rather than hour-long walk-jogs every two or three weeks. I love your advice. It’s commonsense stuff, with a personal touch. I can be very fattist on myself. My satire is sometimes also fattist, addressing childhood obesity, advertising about bloating and yogurts, etc. But I do entirely understand weight issues – particularly the fact that women seem to limit themselves compared to guys in order to stay a healthy weight. That’s very unfair if we’re ordering takeout, but girlfriends (friends who are girls, I mean) will tell me they’ve eaten enough when I’m only getting started! 3. My A-Z is very random humor. I apologise in advance if you check it out. 4. Very, very best of luck in the ongoing A-Z.

    1. Thanks for visiting and I will for sure check your blog. And thank you so much for the book recommendation. I am now pumped to get started. About the gender differences, you are correct, unfortunately. About my weight loss journey it became a matter of health for me and that made me turn the page. Glad you like the blog. Good luck with your A-Z too!

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