“F” is for Failures


It’s official! I lost this month’s bet on my 6-month dietbet 😦 However, I have not failed on my journey. I must remember that.

Failures are part of life, but they are not the end of the line. Besides, although I did not lose as much weight as I would have liked, I still managed to lose some weight overall this month. Also, clothes fit better and I even wore a dress; something I hadn’t felt comfortable wearing in a long time.


Failures are not final. This “failure” to win my monthly dietbet has forced me to take a look at my eating habits, exercise routine, and reassess my goals. This past month was not my typical month. I ate a little more junk food that I should have (or normally would have). I ate out a lot more than once a week. In terms of exercise, I only had one really good week. Most weeks last month, I only exercised 2-3 times.

This is what I have learned:


I really want to lose another 50 lb. I really really do! And I am going to do it. Another day, another week, another month. Here we go!



  1. Found you through the A-Z challenge and love your blog (now following). I’ve also recently gone through weight loss and this month marks one year of maintenance for me, yay!

    I’ve lost almost 60lbs, using a couple versions of intermittent fasting (IF). I’m now maintaining with some of the tools I learned during weight loss, a bit of IF yet, and then I’m now also doing strength training, using body-weight exercises.

    I actually just blogged about my journey, and what books/programs I used (as well as before/after pictures!). Feel free to check my post out 🙂

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