“G” is for Getting into Gear

… also Today is Twosday (happy things, in twos)

So I submitted my official weigh-in today to Dietbet, 173.2 lb. That is a 52.2 pounds lost since the beginning of my journey and a 1.2 lb. loss since my last Dietbet weigh-in, my lowest monthly weight loss to date, but a loss none the less. In the past, this is the kind of thing that would set me back but I have changed since and instead of throwing in the towel I am more motivated than ever. I am so ready to get back into gear and lose another 50 lb.

Getting into gear means starting to work

  1. effectively and with
  2. energy

Food & Exercise

  1. Losing weight requires that I eat well and move more. This last month I ate out a lot and my rule is that I make no substitutions when I eat out but when I do it more than once a week then there is trouble, obviously. So this month I pledge to eat more at home, and bring back my super foods: hummus, berries, avocado, dark greens, green tea, and salmon which I kind of have not consumed lately.
  2. In terms of exercise, instead of going all full throttle and then burning out, I tweaked this week’s exercise routine to allow for ample rest while also keeping myself interested and exited about working out. This is what this week’s schedule looks like:
    • Monday (PM) Zumba
    • Tuesday (PM) Yoga
    • Wednesday (PM) Weights
    • Thursday (AM) Zumba
    • Friday – Rest Day, sort of, I’ll be out of town and walking a lot.
    • Saturday (AM) Weights & Zumba
    • Sunday (PM) Zumba

This week on TV:

  1. Game of Thrones is back! Do I even need to say anything else? lol
  2. I was feeling a little Walking-Dead withdrawal symptoms but AMC seems to have worked its magic again with Turn. It’s only been one episode but it’s looking pretty promising so far.

BONUS: PBS’s Your Inner Fish (starts Wednesday) is exactly what I need between Cosmos’ episodes. SO EXCITED!

Get into Gear inspiration:



TMI: Churchill is my history crush lol



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