“H” is for Healthy

At the beginning of the A to Z Challenge I thought H was going to give me trouble and it did but not because of lack of words but for the abundance of choices.

Originally, I was going to do a #workoutwednesday post on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) but I chickened out last minute and didn’t take the class yesterday morning so all I can say about HIIT is that I am scared of it. I’m just not 100% sure that my calf can take it. So I’m gonna leave that class for next month (or the month after that).

Then I thought to do a post on the Heart, but there was too much information and it mostly went over my head. I thought Humor but I’m not good at funny. Then I thought Hummus but there’s already a lot out there. I then considered writing on my latest visit to the Holocaust Museum but that was just way out of my blog universe.

After careful consideration I landed on Healthy and here we are. What is healthyanyway? We talk about healthy diets, healthy relationships, healthy hearts, healthy fill-in-the-blanks… but what does it mean? I honestly feel that we’ve used the word so loosely that it has sort of lost its meaning so here’s another word that I think better describes what I mean when I say “healthy.” I mean balanced. Does that make sense? From now on I’m gonna make an effort and reserve “healthy” for medical-y stuff.

When I say I’m striving for a healthy life and that I am working towards being in good health, I realize that what I mean is that I’m searching for balance. For a balanced diet, nutritionally. For a balance life, with adequate time for work, friends, family, community, and me. For a balanced exercise routine, etc.

So that’s what I am going for and for what? Well, because of another H word, because I want to feel Happy as often as possible and I find that when I eat well, when I exercise, when I spend quality time with friends and family, when I help someone, and when I find a moment to pamper myself, those things make me happy. And because this:





      1. When I started I had one word per letter now I have two or three. lol I like your Evolution post and in wondering of you’re watching Cosmos, I think it was the first episode when they talked about dogs.

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