“I” is for Impossible

… as in I’m Possible 😀

A few years ago I would have thought it impossible to come live in the US, but here I am.

A few months ago it seemed impossible that I could lose 50 lb., but I did.

A few days ago I would have never considered signing up for a Mud Race, but today I said yes.

A few hours ago I had no idea (ha! look, another “I” word) what I was going to do with this blog today, but here it is.


Oh! Mandela, how right you are, and how much you’re missed!


I challenge you to conquer the impossible. You’ll feel better! (just make sure is not like an eating contest or something). 😉



  1. “I’m possible” – great stuff, T. Thanks for visiting my basic blogspot. They did a mud race near Dublin recently, I didn’t know what was going on with all the runners. I looked it up online and I was horrified! (It was very cold though at the time – a couple of months back.) I’d say it’ll be super fun though. I have to get a novel finished, a business proposal completed, and lots of other insurmountables. Again, your theme is an inspiration. All the best.

  2. Love this post, and love your blog! I’ve been struggling with many of the things you’ve talked about and I’m definitely going to come back and read about all your experiences! Dropping by from the A-Z challenge! 🙂

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