“J” is for Justice

Today I spent the day with my old roommate touring a couple of law schools she’s been accepted to. We went to Emory and University of Georgia, attended classes and toured the buildings. Both schools are gorgeous in their own way, the tour guides were quite cute (I’m pretty sure they do that on purpose) and the visit was very informative.

[On a side note, I may go back to school for a degree in law, political science, or other related field. But that’s a story for another blogpost. The visit reminded me how much I love school.]

So… Justice! Let me get all activist first and share my favorite MLK quote which I was happy to see on one of the walls in Emory… and let it sink for a bit.


OK, so a little off topic today

Most people would probably agree that life benefits from just behavior but what I find also is that many people seem to be waiting for that justice to come from the outside. We often hear, “that person will get what he/she deserves” or “I am so happy for her/him for getting that job, for she/he is such a good person” as if life will reward you or punish you for your actions. 

I admit, it would be great if life worked that way. But it doesn’t. It’s not about what you do or don’t do. It’s not even about what you have or don’t have. It’s about what you do with what you have and what you do to achieve what you want. It’s on me, not on “life” to achieve my dreams. So here’s my final thought on the subject. You want to see a just and fair world? You go make it and I promise you that I will do that same.





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