Sunday Summary

So I broke up with the scale. I have decided that I will not weigh myself until May 7th when the next dietbet weigh-in is due. I need to lose about four pounds in order to win this month’s bet. I am committed to do better these following weeks but I will not step on that stupid scale. It’s just become my worst enemy at the moment. I just really hate the b*%#!

My feelings exactly…


I went to the gym only three times this week. That’s half of what I committed to do šŸ˜¦ I also got my period (TMI, I know) and that has me in a bad mood and craving all kinds of junk food… I have to admit that I have succumbed to quite a bit of junk food these last couple of days. I am so mad šŸ˜„

The highlight of the week was a couple of days I spent with a friend checking law schools in Georgia. It was really fun and I realized how much I miss school. I need to get back, I just don’t think it will be back to what I was doing. I’m not really ready to open that can of worms yet but I just need to say that I really need to work on figuring out where I’m going next and what I will do when I get there.

My foodie pen pal and I already put our packages in the mail so I am excited to be receiving mine soon. I’m almost done with Angela’s Ashes and looking forward to my book club meeting next week. That book is really intense šŸ˜Æ Next I will start reading A hundred summers by Beatriz Williams. Anyone’s read it? If so, let me know how you liked it.

TheĀ A to Z Blog ChallengeĀ continuesĀ with lettersĀ “L” to “Q”. On Friday, I’ll be blogging aboutĀ plateauing for the letter “P”. It’s the only letter I have planned out… no idea what I will be doing tomorrow with the letter “L” so tune in to find out.

Weekly Words of Wisdom




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