“L” is for Laziness

I almost forgot about the blog today. Not that I was busy today because I wasn’t. I mostly spent the day reading Angela’s Ashes which I need to finish by tomorrow so I can discuss it with my book club pals. I still got over 100 pages to go 😯 so I am writing a quick post today to get back to that.

Click on the links to know what I am talking about 😉 I’m too lazy today to be more descriptive:

Today I ate pretty well I think, I had two arepas, one with chicken and one with tuna and some strawberries for good measure 🙂 I had lentil soup, salmon, roasted potatoes, and salad for lunch. I snacked with a guayoyo and a small piece of super healthy banana bread, then a handful of almonds. Later in the day my foodie penpal’s package arrived 😛 with the most amazing ginger chews that seem to be the best thing to calm my allergies, weird right?

At the very last minute I decided to get off my arse and head to the gym and I had the most invigorating zumba class. I really needed that. I came home and ate an apple, swiss cheese, chocolate, almonds, and walnuts, and a cup of weightless cranberry tea.

I was about to hop into bed and continue reading when I realized that I hadn’t written today’s post. 😮

On laziness, this is all I can really say,





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