“N” is for Navigation

I have no idea how people moved around before maps and I am even more amazed as to how I did it before GPS, Google Map, and other navigational systems readily available in the 21st century… but here goes a rant on #firstworldproblems… even with all the satellites nothing beats a human and sometimes the voice of that woman (or man) is the most annoying thing you’ll hear in the car.

An Open Letter to my Navigation System,

Dear woman’s voice coming through my speakers,

I’d really appreciate if you stopped making me look bad. I know I am a good driver (I have a pretty clean driving record to prove it) Would you please let me know that I have to go the other way before you make me drive 3 miles to make a “legal” U-turn? I’d like you to tell me that I will be getting off the highway with enough time to go across the three lanes. And, I don’t need you to get bi%#y when I make a mistake, I obviously don’t live here and I don’t need you to add stress to the situation.


A very tired driver.

“We have always been taught that navigation is the result of civilization, but modern archaeology has demonstrated very clearly that this is not so.” Thor Heyerdahl 

Other things I had to navigate while on the road: good eating, some exercise, and staying awake… also, blogging… Reward? The moon looked awesome tonight 😉



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