“O” is for Old School

Today I visited Williamsburg, VA. I came to accompany a friend to Williams & Mary School of Law. This is the oldest law school and second oldest school in the US. To say its beautiful is an understatement. I’m really rooting for my friend to come here so I’ll have other opportunities to visit.

There is something very soothing in looking at old buildings and while my friend went to visit and talk with people in the school, her 6-year-old and I took a stroll through historic Williamsburg. Walking through the town felt like we’d travel back in time and while I enjoyed what I saw, I was equally thankful to be living in this century.

I’m glad I can say that’s “old school” and appreciate the past without having to live it. At the same time I realize that me and my time will someday be the past for another civilization and I hope that we and they continue correcting the things we get wrong.

Here are some pictures of today’s trip:






PS. Blogging while on the road (that is doing it on the phone) is no fun. I can’t wait to be home and back to my computer.



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