Sunday Summary

It’s been quite a week… I spend most of the time on the road going or coming from somewhere with my old roommate from college and her 6-year-old son. It was interesting… in all the good ways.

I didn’t go to the gym much this week (only Monday for Zumba and Tuesday for Yoga) but did a bit of walking. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to take a short nature-walk through the James River Park System at the Pony Pasture Park. We were looking for a good view of the river which we didn’t find but the walk was great and relaxing.

On Thursday I spend the morning with my friend’s son at Colonial Williamsburg. It was chilly but it was so surreal to step into the past and get a glimpse of what life was like. It’s a good reminder of where we’ve been and a humbling experience to acknowledge that our time now will be somebody else’s past. Later we did some dining and shopping at Williamsburg’s Merchants Square where my foodie self had a little bit too much fun and may have spent a little too much money on local fare… what else are you to do? 🙂 At night we treated a very well-behaved and deserving boy to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The movie was pretty good. I would say it was better than the first one.

On Friday, we slept in a little, finally, and returned to Richmond for a little shopping at their Diversity thrift store and returned to the James River Park System where we successfully found the river and took some great pictures and a longer nature walk.

Food-wise I was not good but I was not terrible… I mean, I was on a mini vacay and I treated myself to some really good mediterranean food whenever I got the chance. I also had some awesome burgers (one chicken, one beef) and lots of snacks (mostly when on the road). I doubt I lost any weight and it’s actually quite possible I gained but since the scale and I are still not talking to each other I hope I’ll never know.


I got back on Saturday and I was super exhausted… I watched the season finale of Scandal and the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy and slept like a baby. Today I had planned to go to the gym but instead I went for a 5-mile nature walk and it was great but my allergies kicked in midway and I was sneezing a bit much on my way back. Otherwise, it was amazing with nature in full bloom.

I passed by my local health store and refilled my allergy meds (mostly natural stuff) and tea. Then stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked up some CDs to learn French on the road and a beginner’s kit for knitting (I may be getting old y’all) 😯

Overall it was a great week. It was out of the ordinary which translates to fun. I look forward to more trips during the warmer months. Beach time is certainly close by. The A to Z Blog Challenge continues with letters “R” to “W”. Should be fun.

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