“S” is for Summer Soliloquy

I’ve always loved the word soliloquy, I love how hard it is to pronounce (for me anyway) and hard to write (again, for me) but it rolls off the tongue in such a way… I know… I’m weird like that. Any who, as I was struggling with the letter “S” for today’s A to Z Challenge soliloquy just popped in my head and I realized that it’s what blogging is, in a way, right? Talking to myself… mostly?

Soliloquy  from Latin…

  1.  solo “to oneself”
  2. loquor “I talk”

Did I mention it’s also Twosday? Happy things in two, you guys 😀 Here we go

Shows I’m looking forward to watching this Summer: There are actually quite a bit of television I am looking forward in the summer. Orange is the New Black will be back but I’ll probably binge watch so that’s not going to last long. Here are the top two shows I am looking forward this summer:

  1. True Blood which will be ending this summer 😦 I’m guessing I’ll feel a void similar to the one I felt when Dexter ended.
  2. Falling Skies. This show just feeds my love for dystopian/apocalyptic stories. I always make sure I have a good sci-fi on my TV lineup.

What will you be watching this summer? 

Softcovers (summer book club):

  1. American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin – this book promises to fix my Downton Abbey withdrawal symptoms. 
  2. Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight – this one sounds like a mystery. It’s about a single mother reconstructing her teenaged daughter’s life (and death) by sifting through her digital footprint.

Any summer books I should consider picking up?

From Softcover to the big Screen: Books I’ve read/will read before the movie comes out:

  1. The Fault in our Stars by John Green – already read it, loved it, movie comes out June 6.
  2. The Giver by Lois Lowry – apparently this is (or was) a must-read in High School here in the US. I looked up a copy at the bookstore and noted that it is a quick read so I’ll make sure to read it before the movie comes out on August 15.

Here’s a list of other movies based on books coming out this year (Mockingjay anyone?)

Summer 2-do list:

  1. Beach, beach, beach, and maybe some beach time 🙂 I’m hoping to take a trip to Georgia’s coast. I got good reasons. I’ll let you know when it’s for sure.
  2. Hoping to visit some friends during the summer. Especially so they can see my new bod for some tubing.

Good advice!







  1. Apparently, “The Giver” has a sequel by the name of “The Messenger,” again by Lois Lowry. I’m hunting that one down, as well as a copy of “The Giver,” because I always felt that there should be a sequel of some kind to that book and had no idea that one existed.

  2. Oh I’m glad you posted about more tv shows for me ;). Orange is the New Black is another show I’ve been meaning to start! My summer plans also include the beach, the beach & the beach before residency starts!

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