“W” is for Workouts

We’re on the final stretch of this A to Z challenge and it’s looking good… still don’t know what I’m going to do with “Y” on #twosday but I’m confident that it will come to me.


Exercise changes youI never thought I’d be the gym rat type but it turns out that I am. I really have fallen in love with exercising (either that or I need an exorcism). For the longest time I didn’t think that I liked it and then I took a Zumba class and totally loved it. I thought then that my problem with exercise was that I hadn’t found what I really liked but I have since realized that I also started to want to try other forms of exercise. Currently, Zumba is still my main exercise. I do it almost every day but I also do weights, yoga, and swimming; and now that it’s warm again I will pick up running using DJSteveBoy’s Podrunner Intervals.


Today I did 50 minutes of weight training and 55 minutes of Zumba. I discovered this awesome app called Shazam (you probably know it already) that recognizes the music playing around you. I used it to recreate today’s Zumba class playlist. I couldn’t get all the songs so this is only 31 minutes. Ready to move? Here you go…



  1. Workouts are the key to physical accomplishment acceleration. Sweating out toxins, building up the muscles, and developing a no quite attitude can be beat!

    My suggestion for “Y” would be “Youth” revitalizing the body to bring up previous vigor and strength. Hope that helps.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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