Sunday Summary

Let’s see… it’s been a good week, I think. Still broken up with the scale so no idea where I am weight-wise but clothes are fitting a bit looser so I am a happy camper.

I had a very productive week exercise-wise and clocked about 10 hours of exercise: seven 55-minute zumba classes, one 50-minute yoga class, and two 55-minute weight training classes. WHAT! 😮

Food-wise, I was pretty good too with some minor cheats on a couple of days but nothing crazy. I gotta say that I’m pretty proud of myself this week. 😎

NEWS FLASH: I registered for Fitbloggin’14 – will I see you there? I’m so psyched 😛


The final stretch of the A to Z Blog Challenge is finally here with letters “X,” “Y,” and “Z”. Still not decided on “Y” but got some good contenders.

Next week is looking good. Highlights: Monday lecture on Charles Darwin and Tuesday lecture with Dr. Nancy K. Miller titled My memories made me Jewish. Also, foodie penpal reveal on Wednesday. That’s just the beginning of the week.

Weekly Words of Wisdom



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