“X” is for Xanadu

What’s your XANADU?

How do you know that you have arrived at the perfect “place of great and idyllic magnificence and beauty”, your own Xanadu? Maybe it’s a particular number on the scale, or when you recognize the special person you’re destined to share your life with, or when that dream job is finally yours. How do you know?

My Xanadu?

My Xanadu is the journey so the place looks different every time I visit. As my taste changes so does my Xanadu. Sometimes I stay for days, other times I only drop by for a quick visit.

Today’s Xanadu is reaching the 9th month mark of my weight loss journey. I may not have lost a lot in the last 3 months but I am very proud of myself for continuing moving forward. Check me out!

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 8.52.44 PM

Today I’m in Xanadu 😎



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