“Y” is for Yay

YAY! It’s Twosday, happy things in twos.

YAY for free lectures:

  1. Yesterday I attended a 2-hour lecture on Charles Darwin. I have read The Origin of Species and learned a lot from Darwin’s studies but I knew little about his life. Here’s a bit of Darwin trivia: he wrote a list weighing the pros and cons of marriage. Click here to read it.
  2. Today I attended a lecture titled My Memoirs Made Me Jewish: Family, Memory, and the Writing Self. We examined how memoir writing enables us to understand our own identity in all its complexities. It was a great talk reminding us that the Holocaust is not the only jewish experience (far from it) and it also made me want to go treasure hunting in my grandparents closets (note to self).

YAY for free music apps:

  1. photo1 (16)Shazam: This mobile app recognizes music playing around you. How cool is that! It’s a great way to identify and tag songs I here in movies and TV, and to recreate my gym class playlists. 
  2. Tune In lets you listen to radio stations and pre-recorded programs from around the world. I use it in my car when there’s poor signal, to listen to Venezuelan radio stations when I am a little homesick, and to listen to EuroNews to practice my french.

YAY for sunscreen:

  1. For everyday protection: Aveeno Protect & Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum. I use the SPF 70.
  2. For beach/pool/tubing: CeraVe Wet Skin Spray SPF 50. This one lasts up to 80 minutes in water.

YAY for public libraries: If it weren’t for my local public library I would spend a fortune in books and then I would have to leave all my books behind when I moved (I move a lot). My local public library doesn’t only offer great books but awesome free classes on all sorts of topics:


  1. Books checked out right now: On Venezuela, De Verde a Maduro and The History of Venezuela (The Greenwood Histories of The Modern Nations); for book club, A hundred Summers and Reconstructing Amelia; and for my own pleasure, Origin, and the ebooks Insurgent, and And The Mountains Echoed.
  2. Classes & Events I’m registered for:
    • Introduction to Prezi. I’m planning to convert my PPT lecture slides into super awesome prezi presentations.
    • Foundations of Pastels for Adults: I am really looking forward to this class. It will be with the same instructor with whom I took foundations of watercolor and acrylics.

YAY for those who MATTER and DON’T MIND!


and YAY for Social Media: find me on Twitter and Instagram 😀



  1. i have another music app recommendation for you: SONGZA! There is a music-listening website version, too, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the app. You can choose a playlist based on mood or activity you are doing while you listen, which is an awesome feature in my book!

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