Hello May – A new month, new challenges


I survived the A-to-Z Challenge and how do I celebrate? I pick TWO new ones. Why? Because I discovered that participating in challenges connects me with other people and I really enjoy that. With AtoZ I discovered some really great bloggers and made some new friends on cyberspace. The challenge also helped me stay motivated to write every day and gave me some inspiration by providing me with a letter of the alphabet for everyday. Although some days (well, some letters) were more challenging than others, it was fun to think outside the box to not only stay true to my format but also stay on message. I am especially proud of

So what’s in store for May?

For May, I am participating in a Photo-A-Day challenge that I found out about from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim; and I am doing a 24-day Ab Challenge with a group of friends with whom I will be doing a Mud Race later this year (we’re building bodies here).

Now, granted, the 24-day challenge is not really for the whole month and I probably won’t be posting too much about it although I am looking to have some stronger abs by the end of it. Care to join me? We start with 5 crunches, 5 leg raises, and one 10-sec plank and end with 150 crunches, 58 leg raises, and one 90-sec plank. YIKES! I’ll be posting on May 24 on how that went which coincidentally is also the day I will have to get up super early to take a picture of a sunrise for my photo-a-day challenge 😀

The photo-a-day challenge will be used in a similar way as I used the A-to-Z challenge, that is, somehow I will use the picture to inspire the post. My stand-in themes will remain: On Tuesday: Twosday, happy things in two, I’ll try to do Workout Wednesday every Wednesday, and Saturday Playlist and Sunday Summary as always. BUT, I’ll start that tomorrow, hehe, today is May 1st and here‘s the picture.

Personal Goals for May:

  • Lower my dairy intake in preparation for a diary-free diet to start soon. I haven’t bought any dairy products just need to finish the ones I have… I’m dreading living without chocolate (hello vegan chocolate, I hope you taste yummy).
  • Lose 5 lbs. (I am trying to push through a really bad couple of months, weight-loss-wise).
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week.


  1. Sounds like you’re super motivated right now! I love it! May is a great month 🙂

    Just started following you. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. Can I ask why you’re going dairy free? I have a dairy free child, out of medical necessity, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone :p Dairy is in EVERYTHING ugh….

    1. Honestly I’m doing it mostly for ethical reasons. I gave up red meat already and giving up dairy seems like a natural progression. I don’t consume much of it anyway so I am not expecting it to be too problematic.

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