“Z” is for Zing

Add a little zing to your day 😀


I must begin by letting you know that this post would have been impossible without the help of my pen pal, Almah, who agreed to be my partner-in-crime and sent me a pack of hot and spicy goodies making it possible for me to name this post “Z” is for Zing.

In the culinary arts, adding zing translates into adding any variety of aromatic vegetable or herbal substances to your food such as ginger, pepper, coriander, etc. in order to liven up a meal or make it more interesting.

Here’s what Almah sent me

photo2 (6)

Please note the Iguana post card from the Museum of National History… AWESOME!

Here’s the Breakdown (everything she sent me was new to me)

  • Sing Buri Cashews
  • Chipotle BBQ Pretzel sticks
  • Dark Chocolate with Expresso Beans
  • Chimes Ginger Chews – This super spicy candy calmed my allergies; not sure why, but it did.
  • Dried Habanero Chiles (the bag said to handle with gloves): a friend made some amazing tamales with this. Strongest chile ever! (for me anyway)
  • Szechuan Pepper Stir Fry Sauce: I finally made this yesterday. ZING ZING ZING!

photo1 (19)

Want to know how this works? To participate in May’s Foodie Penpal (which I am already registered for) you need to sign up via The Lean Green Bean blog (for US and Canada; UK/Europe click here) by the 4th of the month.


Since my penpal Almah doesn’t blog she agreed to write on what I sent her.

“Toni was my April foodie partner, and her package was delight-full.
As you may be able to tell from the pic, some of the noms have been consumed! Of course, the organic fair trade (karma-friendly!) salted almond dark chocolate wouldn’t last long in MY household. Bitter, sweet, salty, nutty, and full-bodied–yes, please!
Because Antonieta is apparently psychic-intuitive, she included plantain chips. Now, I have been lately obsessed with plantains and have been going to a fave Dominican restaurant to get my fix. But I had never gotten into plantain chips before–and they, like the dark chocolate, were crunch-crunch-gone-gone in no time!
I look forward to trying the Frontera chipotle lime fajita skillet sauce. Frontera’s Texas Original taco skillet sauce is my favorite-favorite-favorite commercial brand, so once again, Antonieta has some serious intuition goin’ on.
Because I am a citrus chica, I got some orange marmalade. I may make some tea, toast up some bread, and spread this sweet goodness on it. Relax. And watch the mountains outside my window by the light of the orange sun bursting in my mouth!
I like putting BBQ in my chili (which I had planned on making this week, incidentally), so Maurice’s All Natural Gourmet Premium Blend Hickory Red BBQ Sauce is timely and welcome!

To keep my pesto-passion powered, Antonieta included Simply Organic sweet basil pesto sauce and her own pasta al pesto recipe–what a nice touch! I’ve used this pesto sauce packet before and believe me, it won’t be in my pantry for long. Just need to pick up some Parmesan and pine nuts….

Finally, I’ve attached a pic of the goodies–all I have is a webcam and a wink of time, so please forgive the quality.”
YAY! I Survived the A to Z Blog Challenge 😀


  1. Awesome post! That was a great idea to include what ALmah wrote about her package! You both had some great items. I love that your items all were “zingy”. I love ginger chews. Sounds like a great exchange! 🙂

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