Time for a Snack!

Today’s FMS Photo A Day is Snack… having to photograph my snack made me think twice about what I wanted to have. If I’m going to advertise my food choices they better be super healthy or insanely sinful, otherwise, it’s a waste of a picture, don’t you think? Anyhow, I went with super healthy and had some berries with cold green tea. It was great.

Mmmmm… what can I say about snacks

I snack pretty much everyday. Usually only once a day, mid afternoon but if I have breakfast unsually early then I’ll probably nibble on something before lunch. I used to be a vending machine addict. There’s pretty much nothing worth eating from a vending machine but in a pinch check out this guide. PS. I love Eat This, Not That… all their books/guides are pretty helpful. Needless to say, I rarely eat anything out of a vending machine. And my snacking habits have changed a lot in the last nine months.

Here are my tips to snacking:

  1. Stay as far away from processed foods as you can.
  2. Drink tea, not soda. I usually have green tea along with my snack.
  3. Make healthy versions of your favorite sweet breads and/or muffins. I make this already healthy pear-banana bread with half the sugar (I only add the brown sugar), whole wheat flour and nuts… delish.
  4. Nuts? Forget the party mix and get unsalted.
  5. Chocolate? Dark (at least 70%, fair trade, and organic)
  6. Mix it up: apple and almond butter, carrots and hummus (homemade) or guacamole, cheese and fruit, you get the idea.

Now, I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that I always snack this well. I don’t. Traveling is the most dangerous thing for me. Stopping at a gas station makes me crave my favorite processed snacks: pringles and hershey’s almond chocolate (eaten together). It is really hard to resist so I have to make an extra effort to pack my own snacks for the road. Sometimes I do really well, other times not so much. I keep trying though.


You’re turn, what’s your favorite healthy and/or sinful snack?




  1. I’m not a big snacker, but I do love Snyder of Hanover’s Honey Mustard pretzels. It’s the only thing I tend to go overboard with, so I have make sure I measure out portion sizes. I do allow myself two servings per time, which equals 280 calories of pure awesome 🙂

  2. I have a vegan, gluten free, chocolate chip cookie recipe that I make with 100% real chocolate and NO sugar. They are amazing, and sweetened with just 2tbsp. Of honey. Not unhealthy at all. But the calories add up 🙂

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