Saturday Playlist: Here’s to you

Today’s FMS Photo-A-Day challenge asks to take a picture of a Collection… I happen to collect shot glasses. I can’t really remember when it started or which was the first one but I always make an effort to get a shot glass from places I visit. Family and friends also sometimes bring me one from their trips but most of them I bought myself. As I arranged the shot glasses the best possible way to fit in one picture, I was amazed to see how many I have collected over the years (nearly 60).

You’d think I am a big shot drinker… I am not. I used to have the occasional tequila shot when I was in my late teens (Venezuela’s drinking age is 18) and early twenties but now I can’t even remember that last time I had a shot (of anything). I now rather have a glass of wine (I love Riesling). However, since starting my weight loss journey I rather not waste extra calories on alcohol.

Do you drink and diet? If so, what’s your game plan? According to a recent article, “drinking beyond your “tipping point” can make you consume 6,300 more calories than you normally would.” 6,300 more calories!!!!! YIKES! By the way, the “tippin point” is set around 3 drinks per night. This was good news for me… I can live with that.

So, here’s to you… this playlist includes my top drinking songs. Enjoy!


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