Sunday Summary

Today’s FMS Photo-A-Day challenge asked for a picture of Us… who’s Us? I went with the best group of friends a girl could ask for 🙂 I had the opportunity to meet some really great people while I worked on my master’s. The great thing about making friends as an adult is that you stop looking for people who are like you and start to hang with people who simply like you. These guys and I have little in common. We have the same degree but we use it in different ways. We now live in different places and some have even moved overseas but thanks to technology we can keep up with all our moves, the good, the bad, and the ugly in our lives. As I started this journey, they have been my greatest cheerleaders. My life would be missing so much without them.

Here’s to us… 


So, let’s talk about my week. Pretty good in general. I weighed myself last Monday on my 9th month mark and lost very little but lost some weight so I am hoping I am now going in the right direction. I have to weigh-in on Wednesday for round #4 on Dietbet. I’d be really surprised if I make my monthly goal but I am not too worried about the game. I still have two months before the game ends and ultimately need to lose seven more pounds to make it and I haven’t lost hope that I can do that. So I am not losing sleep over it.

Kettlebell classes were added this month at my gym so I’ll be trying them out next week. I’m taking Intro to Kettlebell tomorrow and will be writing about it for sure. I’m taking a Prezi class on Thursday and will start running again that day. I’ll be doing DJSteveBoy’s Podrunner: Intervals First Day to 5K program. These are free prerecorded mixes that signal when to walk and when to run. I’ve done them before but I’m curious to see how I feel doing them 50+ pounds lighter. I’m guessing it will feel good 😀

There are a couple of movies I am looking forward to watch this week: Chef and Under the Skin. I am currently reading A Hundred Summers which I’m going to be honest I am not super into but it’s for book club so here I am getting through it. Next, I’ll be reading Origin by Jessica Khoury for my own sci-fi cravings and so I have something to talk about with the author when I meet her at the upcoming Book Festival.

I got  my exercise schedule ready to go and will continue the Brazen Fit 24-days Ab Challenge. I have also made a few changes to my diet: I only have some cheese left so almost all out of dairy and going super low on sodium in solidarity with mom who has now been diagnosed with high-blood pressure (HBP). I am considering adding some new supplements: collagen and Vitamin E. My cousin has been using them for about a year now with great results. She swears that along with running 3 times a week, the supplements have smoothen her skin (cellulite less visible). I have to admit that lately she really looks amazing in all her pictures (no makeup or filter). Anyone here use any supplements for skin? Please let me know. I am currently just reading on the topic.

Weekly Words of Wisdom



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