Sunday Summary

Today is Mother’s Day so not surprising the FMS Photo A Day prompt for today is mother. I went with an old picture of me and my mother, a time when I was exactly what she wanted me to be and when she was my entire world and source of every thing I had, knew, and understood. We are not those people anymore, but our love for one another is, I think, much more sincere and much more real now that we see each other for who we really are and love each other anyway. I love you mom.


Now, let’s review my week. Pretty good food-wise. I had a couple of cheats here and there, including a McDonald’s quarter pounder (so ashamed) and popcorn with M&Ms (yes, I did it again) at the movies but the rest of the week I was really good. I’ve been eating a lot of berries, nuts, fish, chickpeas and other beans, avocados, etc. I’ve been making more salads, sandwiches, and wraps; and I have been looking for a good clean diet (buzz word for healthy meal plan) to start soon. I think I have settled on this one from Baked in the South. Please send me any links of healthy meal plans (or clean diet plans) that you’ve come across. I’m also thinking about doing the 7DayVegan challenge. I may end up doing both. We’ll see.

What I didn’t accomplish this week. I lost this month’s Dietbet bet… again…  😦 moving on… last week I mentioned taking a Kettlebell class for the first time and getting back to running. Well, that didn’t happen at all. I was unable to make the classes and the day I had scheduled running I woke up way too sore from doing an hour of weights and an hour of zumba the night before. I just couldn’t. I’ve made adjustments to this new week’s exercise schedule and prioritized running and the kettlebell class. I hope to have better news next week.

What I did accomplish this week. I’m on Day 11 of Brazen’s 24-day Ab Challenge and going strong. Today I did 65 crutches, 33 leg raises, and a 42-sec plank; the leg raises have proven to be the worst. I totaled eight hours of exercise this week including a 2-hour zumbathon on Friday where I even did three songs on the stage with one of my favorite instructors (I hope to have pictures soon).

What I am looking forward next week. I must finish reading A Hundred Summers which I have finally, sort of, gotten into and also need to read Origin by Jessica Khoury by Friday before heading with my book club pals to our local Book Festival. I have a lunch and listen date (with myself) at my local library to listen to some instrumental latin music and I am also looking forward to a community festival that promises lots of local faire and entertainment. This is why I love the spring/summer time. Also, I am looking forward to this week’s Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day Challenge prompts.

I wish you all a great week and congrats to you and/or the wonderful women in your lives on this overly commercialized Mother’s Day 😀

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