I spy… happy things in twos

Today’s FMS photo-a-day challenge prompt was I spy. I took a picture of my messy drawer and spied on some incomplete projects that I need to get back to. Inspiration hasn’t struck 🙄

In the meantime, let’s move on to Twosday, shall we? Happy things in twos…

appsI SPY… two apps that go great together:
1. Songza was recommended to me by the mastermind of Twosday posts and I couldn’t be more thankful. This is a pretty nifty app that provides playlists based on the time and day of the week. It offers music to exercise, drive, study (no lyrics), cook, etc. It also uses weather information and provides you with music for a rainy day if that’s the forecast. Pretty cool!
2. I actually have the paid version but I was able to try the app out with 5K Runner FREE (free version) before committing. This app provides you with an 8-week interval (walk-run-walk) program to get you running a full 5K. I used it a while back and have returned to it again. It lets you use your own music so I have Songza running simultaneously.

Have I mentioned how much I love technology? ’cause I do. 😀

snackI SPY… two great snacks:
1. Sugarless HARIBO Gummy Bears are such a treat. It’s an easy way to stay “healthy” at the movies. Just don’t buy those giant bags from amazon (read reviews for a laugh).
2. It’s been getting warm now and I crave cold foods and so this has become my go-to mid-afternoon snack: 1/2 avocado with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper… it’s to die for.

booksI SPY… two good books:
The last two books in my book club are based around the same decade 1930s but you get a very different view from the times.
1. Angela’s Ashes is a memoir describing an impoverished childhood that starts in the US and continues in Ireland. The story is dreadful but the author makes it funny and interesting. I have to admit that at times I felt guilty for laughing.
2. In A Hundred Summers we have the New York elite and their elite problems, secrets, and betrayals… and surviving a Hurricane. This fictional story uses the 1938 New England Hurricane as both reality and metaphor, and ultimately the hero of the story. Great beach book.

moviesI SPY… two good movies:
I’m lucky to have a small local independent movie theater that brings great movies to the city every week. These are two I particularly enjoyed:
1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
2. The Lunchbox



I SPY… good news:
1. Mom’s high blood pressure numbers returned to normal (it really had me worried)
2. The scale is moving in the right direction… finally… -2 lbs. last week 😀

Happy Twosday



  1. Great work on the 2 pound loss. Glad to hear you are loving Songza so much. It’s probably the app I used the most often on my phone (not counting instagram and email, of course.)

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