Throwback Thursday: From where I walk

From where I walk was today’s FMS Photo-A-day Challenge prompt. I took a picture of the sidewalk that I walk on my way to the gym but the fact that today is also social media’s self-imposed throwback thursday I couldn’t help but think about the prompt in a completely different way. From where I walk? I walk from obesity, from emotional pain, from feeling lonely (even in a crowd). I walk from shame (self-imposed I admit). I walk from self-fulfilling prophecies about not finding what I seek because I don’t deserve it. That’s where I walk from. But with every pound shed, every step “out there” that I take, every moment of honesty that I have with friends and family; and you of course, here, is getting me further away from where I was and letting me enjoy a scenery that I look forward to. Life is not all bad. Life is actually pretty good.

It is said that we should not look back, that we are not going that way. I agree, but for the sake of throwback thursday, let’s take a peek into the past and see how far I’ve come. The following pictures were taken in 2012.

beforeIn May 2013, I started meeting with a psychiatrist and a therapist. In June I joined a therapy group for two months. In July I met with a nutritionist per my doctor’s recommendation. I cannot stress enough how lifting the veil of depression helped me see that not only was I not happy but more importantly I needed (and could) do something about it. And I did.

In August I started a journey. I feel like I’m on a new path and I intend to enjoy it. Can you tell?


I can’t wait for the pictures above to become my throwbacks. 😀





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