Sunday Summary

So! … yeah … I skipped yesterday and didn’t create or share a fun playlist; sorry, I didn’t make one. I’ve been busy and forced to rethink my daily blog responsibilities and whether I can really keep up with it; probably not. 😦 So for those of you who get an email alert every time I post you’re about to get a break (yay?). I’m going to strive for at least 4 posts a week but if all fails, I’ll be here every sunday, for sure, with the digest.

Today’s FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge prompt was Something I DrewIn the last week I’ve made a real effort to reconnect with my artistic side. I’ve never considered myself very artsy. I like art and I know what I like about art, but I’ve never been good at creating anything artistic but I’ve promised myself to try new things and one of those things is art/creating something. I don’t know what I’m going to find at the end of this journey but I will sure write about it. 😀

Let’s get to the week,

Food-wise, I did very well this week. I snacked a bit much on Tuesday but other than that I was pretty good.
Exercise-wise, I did very well M-F but took the entire weekend off. Again, I failed to take the kettlebell class. My schedule has not been collaborating. I’ve decided to stop planning for it and just let it happen on it’s own. I’ll definitely do a WorkoutWednesday post once I actually take the class.
Weight-wise, I don’t think I lost any weight this week but my size 12 jeans are feeling loose so I know I’m making progress.
Book-wise, I finished A Hundred Summers (click here for my review) and I am looking forward to Book Club.

I hope you all had an excellent week and that the next one is even better 😀

Weekly Words of Wisdom



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