Sunday Summary: I am here

WOW! A whole week passed and no blogging. It’s been a busy week with very little progress. I seriously don’t know what’s happening and I am losing it a little here. I eat well, I exercise, I take my vitamins and supplements… I am doing everything right and the stupid scale does not move… IT JUST DOESN’T MOVE! It’s like it’s mocking me! I’m getting really frustrated. I seemed to be stuck in a 4-lbs loop… FROM HELL!


I need to chill, right?

Let’s see the bright side… I have not gained weight so that’s good. I was checking myself out in the mirror today at the gym and I look FINE! lol seriously, my body is shaping out nicely so I am trying to hold on to the idea that the scale isn’t moving because I’m gaining muscle and/or losing fat… but I seriously don’t know how long I am going to tell this to myself and continue to believe it. I am losing faith here.

Tomorrow I reach the 10 month (40 weeks) mark in my journey and I think I am back to month-8 weight F#%@! I don’t know what else to do. I have done everything I have read about how to get over a plateau and nothing seems to do the trick. I will start running tomorrow morning and I am working out with a new Zumba instructor. I am hoping that a small change in exercise form and routine may do the trick. I am also thinking of changing up my diet. My breakfasts and dinners have been pretty consistent the last five months. It may be time to change my diet a bit. It’s a good thing the weather is changing and that other foods are in season. We’ll see. Any ideas? I’ll take any tips… I’m desperate.

Alright! That’s all I got. I hope everyone had/has a good weekend (Memorial Weekend for those in the US). Be safe!

Weekly Words of Wisdom



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