Sunday Summary: I need prompts

Another day, another week… another week with no writing and I realize that I need prompts. At the beginning I wrote a lot because I had a lot to say, the April Blog Challenge was really helpful and forced me to write, then I thought FMS’s Photo a Day challenge could serve the same purpose but it really didn’t. The pictures were great though. Head to my instagram and check them out or simply search #fmsphotoaday on instagram and enjoy the creative pictures that all the participants did. It was fun… but it really didn’t help me write and I want to write. I have things to share but I’m like having some sort of writer’s block or something that has me a little stuck.

Anyway… still stuck in the low 170s and doesn’t seem like I made it out this week… again… I am really mad. I exercised every day this week totalling over 10 hours of exercise including running (yes! I started my couch-to-5K program), yoga, weights, and of course zumba. I ate really well this week too. My cheats were low-sodium popcorn and dark chocolate (not together, at the same time, or the same day). I was really good and yet the scale will not move. It essentially hasn’t moved in two months… TWO F#@%ING MONTHS!!!! What does a girl have to do to lose weight around here? Really?


On better news, it was my birthday last friday and I had fun hearing from lots of friends and family. I had a fun and healthy celebratory lunch and upgraded my phone to Apple’s iPhone 5c in white; I can’t wait for it to arrive. I also took a class on pastels on which I failed miserably (don’t believe me? check it out) but I had a lot of fun and will try it out again… I will!

Well… that’s it! I am going to make an effort and write more often and thank you to those who’ve stuck with me.

Weekly Words of Wisdom (on aging)




  1. When I went on my first push to lose weight last year, the scales didn’t budge for a good 2 months. It was so frustrating, it made me what to give up and I felt like what’s the point. But then one week I suddenly dropped. It was really weird? I’m finding at the moment the scales aren’t moving and neither is the measuring tape, but a couple people have mentioned my cheekbones (win!) so maybe your fat is just turning into muscle, your just toning up, eating too much salt (retaining water) or you need to have one little push to get the shock your body? I find changing things up can push that nasty scale out of dark scale!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I am really hoping it’s a muscle/fat issue which it could be but even so I know that I just haven’t been losing a lot. It’s not the salt which I have limited a lot in the last month so I think I need to shock my body into weight loss again. I’ll be working on a new eating plan for next week and give it a try.

  2. Here is my secret to inspiration. Find a motivational picture and write how it can help. Also, reading articles on something like metabolism or other health related topics. Stories from others using the tags inside the wordpress blog-o-sphere inspire me.

    On the plateau I would like to offer a challenge…

    Email me at and I can give you more details.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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