A Dark Chocolate Affair

I’ve never had what many people call a “sweet tooth,” I would much rather have a bag a chips than a chocolate bar but that was when all my chocolate was milk or white chocolate and before I found my one true sweet love: dark chocolate… very very dark chocolate awesomeness!

In the world of chocolate (can I move there?) not all chocolates are created equal. For the longest time we’ve been more accustomed to milk or white chocolate in the form of a hershey’s bar but lately dark (or black) chocolate has turned mainstream, a must-have among foodies, healthy eaters, and fitness junkies alike.

What is dark (or black) chocolate?

Unlike its milk or white counterpart, dark chocolate is chocolate with no milk or a lot less milk than milk chocolate. Another way to spot dark chocolate is by its cocoa solid concentration which is normally well advertised on the packaging. I usually start considering dark chocolate truly dark when it contains at least 70% of cocoa solids. But my drug chocolate of choice is usually over 85%. If you want to know about the health benefits of dark chocolate read here, here, and here.

When buying dark chocolate, look for:

  • At least 65%… for some the bitterness of dark chocolate will be an acquired taste and you should increase it slowly.
  • Fair trade
  • 100% organic
  • NOT processed or treated with alkali

If you ever have a strong need to send some dark chocolate my way 😀 … here are my top three choices


NOTE: Limit daily consumption to no more than 200 calories 

What’s your favorite chocolate?




  1. I’m a chocoholic who has also recently discovered the joys of good quality dark chocolate! Really loving the fact that it’s being touted as the “healthier choice” in sweets at the moment, great excuse to indulge 😉

  2. See, I am the exact opposite. If I never had another chip ever I would be fine, but the away my chocolate and I would lay on the floor and have a temper tantrum 🙂 I have something “chocolate” or chocolate flavored every single day.

      1. I find it either in a protein shake, or protein bar, or even in a small piece I allow myself to have as a treat. I do like dark chocolate too though….but I’m a chocoholic so any kind works for me 🙂

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