My favorite things: Twosday edition

It’s TWOSDAY, happy things in twos
** blog love and other online must-haves **

My friendly bloggers… I’ll be honest here. I try to read and stay up to date with most of the blogs I subscribe to but on a crunch for time I favor my friends, the people I know IRL and whose blogs let me peek into their lives and provide tips for dealing with my own. Here are my top two bloggy friends:

  1. The Fotographing Fat Kid. This guy has lost over 100lbs and I happened to be going to class with him when some of that weightloss was happening. He’s super fun and a great writer. You’ll enjoy his sense of humor along with all the pictures he shares. He’s a social media nut too so you’ll get some great commentary on pop culture. Do check him out.
  2. Roaring to Life. This gal and I went to undergraduate school together. She writes about dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, among other issues that she has personal experience with. She is a gifted writer too and if you like to get philosophical on life, you’ll enjoy this blog.

Health/Fitness Apps… I was hesitant to go too technological at the beginning of my journey but as I really got into it and started to enjoy the journey and forget the destination fitness apps just naturally entered my world. Here’s my two most used apps:

  1. My Days, is a health app for women. I simply love it. It can be used to predict fertility and help you get pregnant though that is absolutely NOT what I use it for. I keep track of my period and weight, although it allows for other things too and you can just email the report to yourself (or your doctor) whenever. It is awesome. I no longer look stupefied when the doctor asks for my last period date.
  2.  Nike + There really is no reason to reinvent the wheel. I love Nike +. I love that it tracks everything. And I am so excited to what’s in store with iOS 8.

What’s for dinner? Recipe Websites… whenever in doubt about how to make a healthier version of something I love I go online and search for a “healthy” “low-cal” “skinny” etc. version of whatever I am making. Inevitably I usually end up at the same place. These are my favorite websites:

  1. EatingWell. My favorite recipes are fragrant chickpea stew, chickpea burger and tahini sauce, and lentil burgers. I love that they have recipes for a number of health needs like cholesterol, heart, diabetes, etc. It’s the most helpful place for finding great recipes.
  2. Buzzfeed Food. OK, so this is not really a recipe website but I mostly love their food section and it’s a great place to discover other blogs and websites with great recipes. Granted, not all are healthy so I have to pick and chose the ones that I judge healthy and appropriate for my lifestyle. Here‘s a recent one with lots of inspiration for a healthy breakfast.

I’m pretty good about sharing information online. Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram

Your turn, what websites, blogs, apps, should I be looking at?




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