Weight Weight, don’t tell me

It’s #WorkoutWednesday!

When I began exercising last August tipping the scale at 225 lbs. a squat was death to me! I wondered how long it would take for me to do a decent crunch. I could barely lift my shoulders. I would see other people in class doing what I thought were superhuman moves and thought “I can never do that.” Well, I’ve proven myself wrong. Although I still got quite a ways to go, I am constantly amazed of what I am able to do and now when I see a superhuman feat I only wonder how long it will take me to be able to do it too.

Today I used the Bosu Ball for the first time. In my Rep Reebok class, a group full-body weights class, we may use a bosu ball to add core work to standing exercising like rolling biceps or even squats. I have been taking Rep Reebok for almost five months now but never had the guts to get on that thing. IT IS HARD! but I did it today and didn’t fall once. I can’t wait to work on it again next time.

I also recently discovered Gliding Discs and Exercise Balls really help me do some great ab work.

No weight loss? No problem, there are other successes

I would normally be binging heavily on all my trigger foods since I have seen no substantial change on the scale but there are other ways to measure success and I have plenty to be excited about, I must focus on that. After a 50+ weight loss, I can now:

  1. Wrap a hotel towel all around me.
  2. Walk without bumping into everything. I used to think I was clumsy, turns out I was super obese. I don’t bump into walls or door frames anymore.
  3. Put on my seatbelt in the car in no time.
  4. Know when I am full.
  5. Do a 2-minute plank.
  6. Buy at regular stores (no more plus size for me)
  7. No more snoring; it really never bothered me but the family is happy 😀
  8. run, jump, and play hard. I am no longer afraid of signing up for sporty activities.

Although the scale hasn’t moved, I am happy with what I have accomplished and I am sure that I will get to my goal weight; perhaps not today, but I will get there.

Hope you had a great Workout Wednesday & National Runners Day



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