Sunday Summary: Turning over a new leaf

OK… so full disclosure here: I am just coming off a 48-hour binge of crappy food. I’ve learned two things: 1. how to gain three pounds in two days and 2. I don’t like crappy food anymore. Please pass me a salad.

So… I don’t really know why I got off track like that… but I have a pretty good reason to believe I won’t do it again (tummy hurts). I am turning over a new leaf now. I failed… again (third month in a row) to win my monthly dietbet. So I am starting something new tomorrow: I am moving my fruits from dinner to breakfast and cutting out as much processed foods as possible while making lunch and dinner high protein, low carb meals and snacking on fruits and nuts. I’ll be documenting here and on instagram and check my weight next week. I am also making running a bigger part of my exercise routine (rain rain go away) and hoping for the best.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


I want to live! #nuffsaid




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