Sunday Summary: Carb cravings

Alright! So I promise that I had the best intentions to stick to a better diet all week and hope for the best… well… that did not go precisely as planned.

On Monday I started pretty well with a Meatless Monday day filled with yummy foods. I also started a couch to 5K program and I don’t know what else to attribute it to but I swear since I started with the interval running I am craving carbs left and right… like crazy! 🙄

On Tuesday, I had a pretty good day but started to feel really hungry and may have over indulged with dark chocolate.

On Wednesday, I completed my second day of couch to 5K. I weighed-in for Dietbet and was happy to find that I had lost the three pounds I gained last weekend YAY! That was awesome! I did weights and zumba and went home to have a chicken salad for dinner.

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 9.52.56 PM

On Thursday I had a pretty good day but felt unusually hungry which resulted in having a brownie (about 400 calories) and turning dinner into a chicken sandwich with chips. I wasn’t happy. To top it off I had the worst night sleep with crazy pain on my back side; probably gas… terrible. I notice that I need my fruit and nuts for a smooth working digestive system.

On Friday, I went with a lighter meal of chicken and veggies for lunch. I did my third couch to 5K run and then zumba and once I was done I had only one thing in mind… PIZZA! So I had it 😳

On Saturday I was still recovering from my bad night sleep and took a rest day. I had a potluck that night but ate rather well there.

Finally today, I had fruit and nuts for breakfast, leftover rice and chicken (from the potluck) for lunch, a banana after zumba class and then some nuts and chocolate before heading for my week 2 day 1 couch to 5K run. Again, as soon as I finished my run all I wanted was carbs and had a small bowl of spaghetti with vegetables and roasted chicken. Not terrible… but not ideal either.

Exercise-wise I am happy; I did my interval runs, and went to the gym and worked with carrot fit 6 days out of the week. Food-wise I didn’t do so well. I need to get rid of the carbs in my house so I am not tempted and I need some better pre-couch-to-5K snacks so I don’t go crazy after. I am super terrified to weigh myself but I will tomorrow and figure out how much damage, if any, was done.

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