Workout Wednesday & fitbloggin jitters

So I am doing the last batch of laundry and getting ready to pack for Fitbloggin. Today was an awesome #WorkoutWednesday I started week three of Couch to 5K, did my weekly 55 min Rep Reebok class and took my gym’s most insane Zumba class… almost 2 ½ hours of exercise today #forthewin 😀

Tomorrow I have a lot to do before hitting the road. I am so excited for this new experience and can’t wait to meet so many people whom I have been reading and/or following online. Watch out for the ridiculous amount of blogging that’s about to happen 🙂

On the topic of #WorkoutWednesday… I am especially looking forward to some serious exercising during this conference.

  • Friday:
    • 6:00 am Bootcamp with Erin Kreitz Shirey from Dig Deep, Play Hard. This should be interesting.
    • 8:00 am The “Anti-Computer Body” Workout led by celebrity trainer and fitness guru Ashley Borden.
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:
    • I’ll be tuning into my 5K runner app for my Week 3 Day 2 couch to 5K program while “running” a morning 5K through Savannah’s beautiful squares and Forsyth Park.

So excited!
Savannah, GA… here I come… any recommendations?



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