Progress report on new year resolutions

WOW! Today is July 1st and so begins the second half of the year… time sure flies. On this day, I decided to take a look back at my new year resolutions and see how I am doing. Here are the resolutions I wrote down on January 1st:

photo1 (26)

  1. Start a New Adventure: I’m going to say that starting this blog was this year’s adventure. It came to life on March 3rd, 2014 and I have found so much love and understanding from you. Thank you!
  2. Arrive at Goal Weight: At the beginning of the year I had high hopes that I could arrive at goal weight in 2014. Although it is possible, I no longer see “goal weight” as a destination I care too much for. I am enjoying the journey. I am learning to live a healthier life, to love myself and show that love by caring for myself inside and out. If I make it to goal weight, great; if I don’t, that’s OK too.
  3. ZUMBA everyday: I am counting this as an accomplished goal because there actually was a week when I did zumba every day adding up to 12 days straight of Zumba. I don’t currently do Zumba everyday because I have added other exercises to my routine. That is a great reason to not do the same exercise.
  4. Eat with a Purpose: I’m going to give myself a half-pass on this (sort of like a B-). I rarely mindlessly eat anymore. Even when I eat something that is not the healthiest choice I do it on purpose; even if I regret it afterwards. On the other hand, I find myself much more aware of what I eat and that is a huge step forward from before. I listen to my body more and I feel that we are finally understanding each other.
  5. Run a Half-Marathon: OK… this is my “crazy goal for the year.” I am currently doing the Couch to 5K program and not feeling 100% confident I will finish but I keep going. I really don’t enjoy running and don’t know if I will ever enjoy it but I am committed to giving it a try. I expect to do a few 5Ks in the Fall when the weather cools and maybe, just maybe, I’ll grow to like it.
  6. Read More: 1 Book/Week: I am certainly reading a lot more this year but not the equivalent to one a week. To reach this goal, I must read 52 books by the end of the year and should have read 25-26 by now. I have read seven; I should have nine by the end of this week since I am simultaneously reading two and I am over 2/3 done on both. I could still make it if I read a lot of short stories 😀 we’ll see.
  7. Pay-off Credit Cards: I am happily half-way there. I only had two credit cards and not a lot of debt on either. I have completely paid one off and destroyed one card and I only have one left to pay-off so I am feeling confident.
  8. Travel More: I wish I had done more in this first half of the year but it hasn’t been bad. I have gone to Washington, DC; Richmond & Williamsburg, VA; Aiken, SC (day trip), and Savannah, GA. Not bad for a girl on a very limited budget.
  9. Make New Friends: I have made a bit of new friendships. Since moving last August, my book club meetup group has introduced me to a great group of women, I have made a few new friends at the gym, through other meetups, at my recent attendance to Fitbloggin, and here… online, through twitter and instagram (virtual friends count too and I am counting the ones I really interact with). I am so grateful for these new friendships.
  10. Volunteer: I really have to work on this. I know I have the time, I just haven’t really found a group that I can both commit and identify with. I need to look harder.

OK… so 3/10 have been accomplished and the others are either half-way or underway… not bad. I am ecstatic to see how well I am doing on my resolutions. Happy Second Half of the Year Day!







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