#workoutwednesday The top 5 reasons I love group exercise

Today I did my triple threat exercise routine: 1. Couch to 5K, 2. 55 minutes weights (Rep Reebok), and 3. 50 minutes insane Zumba. I can’t believe this is a common Wednesday for me now. A year ago I would have called it crazy. Today, I love it. I have yet to learn whether I will get to finish the couch to 5K program but my group classes? those I love. Here are the top 5 reasons I enjoy group exercises so much:

  1. photo1 (27)It’s social: Although I am introvert (something that developed later in life and that I need to talk about) I do like to see familiar faces, I love the encouragement I get from and give to my fellow workout mates. We laugh and whine together and we cheer each other on. It’s a little family with all its functions and dysfunctions and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  2. It’s cheap: All my instructors are super careful and make sure that we have proper form. I get the benefits of having personal trainer but I don’t have to pay for one.
  3. It’s a full-body workout: Working alone you may be tempted and sometimes advised to work 2-3 muscles at a time. You also find it easier to quit half-way. Most group classes work all the muscles and you may feel deterred to quit halfway unless you are truly burnt out.
  4. It pushes me to work harder: In my weights class I keep record of the weights I use for each muscle group and try a little more every month. In my yoga and zumba classes there usually modified versions of most movements. It is great to know what to look forward and to celebrate what I have been able to accomplish.
  5. It’s structured: It works for me to know what time each class will be. I know I am at the gym everyday around 6 pm. If I didn’t have this it would be easier for me to postpone or skip but knowing that a class will be taking place helps.

All these reasons work together: I know what I am doing and when, I have friends that will notice when I don’t show (and call me out), and cheer me on when I do, my instructors make sure I have good form, that I work my whole body, and challenge myself, and it’s affordable. What’s not to love?



  1. People have an innate need for relationships and to crave support and validation from others. Working out with others provides so much. I often run alone but even when I have to slow down or cut my miles, I try to make time to share a run with my friends. I don’t have a lot of running friends so it’s a challenge for them and I appreciate it.

    1. I can now exercise on my own and enjoy it but at the beginning working out within a group, even of people I didn’t know, helped.

      Have you looked up MeetUp.com? There may be a group of runners near you and an opportunity to make more running friends.

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