Sunday Summary: Baby steps back on track

It’s been a weird week. I forgot my supplements on my trip to Savannah and then for some bizarre reason I just stopped taking them. Coincidentally, I went on a fast food binge. My sleep was not well and I have stayed far away from the scale because I know it’s bad. It’s really bad.

Yesterday I tried to regain control but I didn’t get enough sleep so I woke up late and missed my morning workout. Not a good start. However, I had some warm water and lemon to start my day with a detox and spend the rest of the day on fruits and nuts. I also took my supplements. I’m feeling better.

Why did this happen? Over a year ago I was diagnosed with depression. It was mild but debilitating and was placed on antidepressants. They worked but I didn’t want to be on them for too long so when I started to feel better through exercise and good food I decided to get off them. Needless to say, my doctors weren’t happy. I don’t recommend doing this but for me it is done and I know that when I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and sleep well my depression symptoms subside. Since returning from Savannah I’ve had a mix of good and bad days. I know I need to get my sleep under control. That is crucial. I feel like I have taken a bunch of steps backwards but I am hoping that they will serve to propel me forward with renewed force.

One-week Pledge: Here’s the plan for next week. One week… seven days… one day at a time.
Seven Daily Habits:

  1. Warm water and lemon first thing in the morning + Carrot Fit 7-minute workout
  2. High Protein/Fiber breakfast + Complex B
  3. Fruity mid-morning snack
  4. Balanced lunch + Omega 3 + Multivitamin
  5. Protein afternoon snack + Gym time
  6. Fruity dinner + Omega 3 + Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
  7. Green Tea (+2 hours after dinner)

Weekly Words of Wisdom





  1. Recovering from summer weekends is not easy! But you 100% have the strength to do it and you will feel better once you get back into your routine.

      1. I’m doing a fruit and veggie meal plan this week, so I’ll need some cheering on too! I’ve been eating like crap the past few months and need to jump start my discipline. Also haven’t been feeling like my usual peppy self.

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