#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY Halfway through #couch25K

OK… so technically I am one day short of being halfway through but it’s #workoutwednesday so I went with it. 😛 Here’s what I have learned:

  • Warm-up after 5 minute walk – Since I started I would get this weird pain around the 15 minute mark. It would feel like my calves could not hold me up anymore and that I would fall any minute. I talked to one of my instructors at the gym who recommended I pause the workout and stretch after the “5-minute brisk walk” and then start running. That did the trick.
  • Stretch right after run and again about an hour later – This was an interesting find. I usually stretch after exercising but after interval running I would be stiff about two hours later and in serious need of a yoga class. I now stretch only a little right after and then some more about an hour later. It helps.
  • Running outdoors is liberating but indoor tracks are way easier – I live in the south peeps (that is Southeastern US) and #thestruggleisreal when it comes to heat and humidity. Indoor tracks can seem boring or at least that’s what I thought initially but I have learned to enjoy it and honestly, you can’t beat a temperature control environment.
  • I need to get fit for running shoes – I have two pairs of running shoes and they are pretty great but I have come to realize and accept that if this is really to become a thing, I need new shoes. It’s on the to-do list for next week.

Continuing with my one-week pledge and 7-Daily-Habits
😀 Day 3 was a breeze 😀

Well… a breeze may be overselling it. I did feel hungry several times but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t hungry, just craving complex carbs. I didn’t give in though. That was good.

The Grub: Started my day with lemon and warm water as always. For breakfast I had a blackberry smoothie made with coconut milk. Mid-morning I made edamame with lime-honey-tamari sauce. For lunch I had about 1 cup of ground turkey that was leftover from Monday, and black bean, edamame, corn salad (inspired from this recipe). I had a chocolate-peanut butter chia bar at the gym and for dinner I needed to refuel badly, I had 1/2 avocado with garlic fried egg and salsa, and an apple. I’ll end the day with a cup of green tea before bed.

photo1 (34)

Workouts today included 7-min in hell brought to you by Carrot FIT, my judgmental fitness overlord :twisted:, 36-min of interval running (week 4 day 2 #couch25K), 55-min group weights class (Rep Reebok), and 55 minutes insane Zumba. That’s nearly three hours of exercise. #forthewin

photo2 (8)

I am stoked about how well I ran today… 5 minutes straight in the bag!



  1. Amazing! Wow! Way to go with all that exercise. My Day 3 was a struggle but you have inspired me to end the night well and wake up and do it all over again tomorrow 🙂

    1. Wednesdays have become my “let’s go for broke” day 😀 I never believe I’ll be able to pull it off until I do. It’s my weekly extreme mind-over-matter experiment. I love that I can surprise myself. Day 4 here we go!

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