A new Dietbet: Happy #HungerGames and may the odds be ever in my favor

DISCLAIMER: I don’t get anything from Dietbet for writing about it. I’m just a user commenting on my experience.

This will be my second Dietbet. On the first one I started strong but then the plateau began and I was never able to recover. But today is a new day and I get to start all over fully determined to kick butt and make it happen. Dietbet offers two game modalities:

  1. The KickStarter in which you bet that you can lose 4% of your initial weight in four weeks. Since most people lose a lot of weight the first weeks they start a new diet and/or exercise plan, this is recommended for people who fit that description.
  2. The Trasformer in which you place a monthly bet (or pay it all at once at the beginning with a discount) that you can lose 10% of your initial weight in 6 months. This is meant for people like me who are on a journey and are looking for extra motivation and a chance to make some $$.

I did my first Transformer from Jan-July and lost 12.4 lbs falling 6 lbs short of my goal. I didn’t qualify for final weigh-in and actually ended my run in June and to add insult to injury I have actually gained 4 lbs since. But all of that is about to change! 


I weighed-in today at 177.2 lbs and also took my measurements to compare at the end of the game. I am really excited about this because by the end I should be at or really really close to my second big goal: to no longer be obese. In order for my BMI (and I know this is just ONE measurement but it’s an easy one to use; don’t hate) to fall in the overweight category I need to be at or under 158 lbs. For me to win this dietbet I have to be at or under 159.5 lbs (pretty darn close). I am very excited to make this happen.

photo1 (40)There are, at the time I am writing this, nearly 400 players and the pot is over $50000. Here’s what I have to do to win:

Dietbet breaks the 10% weight loss into 6 rounds and takes a slow-and-steady approach. You don’t win more or less for getting there first or last but there are minimum requirements to win every month although missing the mark does not disqualify you from moving forward and catching up. However, in order to avoid dangerous dieting, each player must have reached the 10% weight loss mark by round 5 and maintain it to win round 6. I like that they do that. Here’s my break-up:


– Round #1 (08/13) 3% = 171.9 lbs.
– Round #2 (09/14) 6% cumulative = 166.6 lbs.
– Round #3 (10/13) 8% cumulative = 163 lbs.
– Round #4 (11/13) 9% cumulative = 161.3 lbs.
– Round #5 (12/14) 10% cumulative = 159.5 lbs.
– Round #6 (01/13) 10% maintain = 159.5 lbs.

There is still time to sign-up and play if you’re interested. I’ll be posting on the progress on every weigh-in day. Wish me luck!

PS. The RUGBY notecard in my pictures is the secret word provided by Dietbet to submit along with my weight-in pictures. These are the ones I submitted this morning (without the measurements, of course).


      1. They’ve been around for a little while. A new game starts every month. Sometimes they have celebrity hosts like Jillian Michaels. I look at the cost as getting a very cheap trainer. ☺️

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